Mark Guinn has worked in the food service and hospitality industry for over 30 years. As a former Food and Beverage Director and Sales Representative for the worlds largest broad-line food distributor, Mark understands the need to Reduce Cost and Improve Operations.

Providing our customers with 100% Natural, ECO Friendly products are our #1 priority by helping to heal our environment by offering non-toxic cleaning products and help by reducing waste and energy with RD Fresh. 


Mark has represented RD Fresh Texas since 2012 and recently established Go Green Distributing of Texas, LLC in 2017 after partnering with Go Green Distribution to offer their all natural soap. 

RD Fresh is a fully sustainable, fully green, zero carbon footprint desiccant that brings efficiencies to walk in coolers. The proprietary combination of natural minerals will remove the moisture resulting in a temperature drop and energy savings. Additionally, it will stop bacteria and mold due to the drier environment. It will also stop the transference of food odors (the cheesecake does not end up tasting like the onion). Lastly by removing all the volatile organic compounds produce lasts 50% longer saving the location up to 3% on their produce budget.

Go Green Cleaners is a line of organic, baby safe, degreaser, all purpose cleaner, and glass cleaner. A kitchen can utilize Go Green and not worry about caustic additives that can be harmful to the employee as well as damage food products. You can literally ingest (not recommended) this product and nothing will happen! More importantly it works!