• Go Green Multi-Use Natural Soap is the all-purpose, non-toxic, biodegradable soap cleaner/degreaser of the future.
  • Go Green is the product of a scientific breakthrough known as “Colloidal Micelle Technology” or CMT.
  • The molecules are very small and each particle is electro-magnetically charged.
  • CMT allows Go Green to effectively break down oils, grease, grime, and dirt — as well as or better than — any other cleaner currently on the market.
  • Go Green does all of this naturally without any toxic or synthetic ingredients.

GO GREEN All-Purpose Kitchen and Bath Cleaner - 1 Quart

SKU: 0007
  • Go Green is the purest natural soap utilizing colloidal micelle chemistry. This non-toxic, all natural ingredient soap formula can be used to clean any washable surface. 


    All-Purpose Cleaner

    100% NON-TOXIC Natural Ingrediants

    Bio- Based Green Cleaner

    Hypo- Allergenic 

    Earth Friendly

    Baby Safe 


    Directions: Spray on any washable surface, allow to stand for a minute or two, then wipe clean, and rinse if necessary. Can be used for cleaning auto parts, bathrooms, concrete, counter tops, dentures, dishes, fiberglass, floors, grout, laundry, motor oil, odors, ovens, patio furniture, pet stains, refrigerators, showers, sinks, stainless steel, stove tops, toys, walls, wood decks. 

  • If you are unhappy with your results, please contact your rep for refund details.